Village Green Communications

Village Green has several methods to keep residents in the loop for what's going on. We have monthly minutes from the previous month's VGHA Board meeting (they approve them the following month and they are sent out). We also have a mailing list for emails and a Facebook page.

Email List

Village Green maintains an online mailing list which any resident can be part of if they wish. The types of emails that are sent by VGHA using this list are:

  • Security Notices
  • Event Reminders
  • Miscellaneous notices (e.g., lost dog)
  • Communications from the President of VGHA

Email Preferences

You have total control of what emails you can receive from VGHA and which email addresses you want them to go to. Here's how to add/change/delete your email address in our system.

Remove an Email Address
At the bottom of any VGHA email is an "unsubscribe" link. Click that link to remove an email address from the list.

Change you email address in the system
Remove your existing address, using the unsubscribe link, then add the new address using the add procedure described above.

Change your preferences
Click the "Update Preferences" link in any email from VGHA to change your settings.

Add an email address to the list
Complete the form below.


Subscribe to our mailing list

The Village Green mailing list is the primary way Village Green distributes information about what's going on in Village Green and security alerts. Your information is not shared with businesses or other non-Village Green entities.

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Facebook Page

Village Green also maintains a Facebook page. Simply log into your account, then search for "Village Green Homeowners Association" and you'll find us. Once you find the page, be sure "Like" the page. By "liking" the page, you will be able to see announcements and comments on your news feed and post questions and comments of your own.

Our hope is for the Facebook page to serve as another way to communicate with neighbors. Look for announcements from the board and reminders for upcoming events. This is, also, a great place to post comments or ideas you may have regarding the neighborhood, post recommenda-tions for babysitters or contractors, or report lost and found items.